South Petherton ......a market town with a village feel

Local Group Entry Template

There's a page on then site dedicated to local interest groups
What not have an entry for your group to publicise what you doing, stimulate interest and gather new members

This is a sample of how your entry will look on the summary page
Click on the template below to go to the sample listing

  • Name of your group or club
    Short piece about the group & what you do. Who you are trying to attract / connet with etc etc

    This is what your group entry will look like
    There are a few already set up
    here to give an idea

    To create your entry I will need the following :
    An image relating to your club / group
    [If you don't have any we can work on that]
    Your group name
    Short piece about the group & what you do - see above
    Copy describing what your group does, what activities you do, your aims etc etc
    Your contact telephone and contact email details
    Your social media links details
    The address where you meet

    Once you have all of the above,
    please email me on

    or just email me anyway if you have any questions